confidence on camera

7 Tips To Increase Your Confidence on Camera

If you are personally going to feature in your video, you may be looking for advice on how to increase your confidence on camera.

For a recent shoot we did with Rocky Bay Disability Services, we interviewed almost 30 members of staff, many of whom had not spoken on camera before. These tips along with our calming influence behind the camera really helped increase confidence and help us create some excellent video contnet. Talking comfortably and naturally on camera isn’t something that comes naturally to a lot of people, so we have some simple tips to help you gain confidence.


Our first recommendation would be to practice. Like anything else, you won’t get good at it if you don’t put work into it. You can set up your own camera or smartphone and try reading from a script (or magazine, or book etc.). If you are using your phone, don’t use selfie mode. This will prove to be a distraction, as you’ll most likely keep looking at yourself.

After you’ve recorded your clip, watch it back. Don’t be too critical of yourself, keep trying until you are comfortable with this technique. You can try doing it again with other people in the room to really push your confidence on camera.


If you are going to be talking on camera when sitting down, then sit up straight. If you’re standing, don’t sway, plant your feet firmly on the ground. An upright posture will not only look much better but it will instantly increase your confidence on camera.


Now you’re starting to feel a bit more confident simply being in front of the camera, let’s fine tune your performance. Some people have a tendency to talk a lot faster on camera, and often jumble their words. This makes it hard for your audience to understand your message. Take your time and really emphasise the words you are saying, sometimes to the point of over-emphasis. When you talk as if you’re telling a story, it really translates to confidence on camera.

Bonus tip: Don’t add pressure on yourself by feeling like you have to nail it first time. When you work with Contrast Creative, we can shoot multiple takes until we are both happy with the performance.


Ok, it might sound like we have run out of ‘P’ words, but stick with us… Whatever emotion you’re trying to convey to your audience, put 10% more into it. If you’re excited, open your eyes wider and smile more. If you’re passionately reaching out to an audience, emphasise your words and use your hands to express your emotion. Once you see the finished video it will look full of energy and life. It’s these kinds of details which bring life and energy to the video.


Yes, we’ve already said this but go back and do some more practice. Work on the above techniques and record yourself, then watch and repeat. It’s also a good idea to get some inspiration by watching speakers online whom you admire.


If you’re still not clear on everything you have to say in front of the camera, take along notes or word prompts. Wear something that is both comfortable and makes you feel confident. If it even adds confidence, get a haircut! There isn’t really a limit to the things you can do before a shoot to aid your confidence, so find what works for you and get yourself into that space ready for the shoot.


If you’ve worked on the above, when it comes down to the shoot you should be feeling a lot more confident about speaking. When you’re speaking, have some water nearby. Room temperature is better for your throat than really cold water. If you are working with us, we will remind you of these tips but wherever you are making your video, remember to be comfortable and let your personality out for the camera.

If you have any questions or queries about speaking on camera or the video production process overall, get in touch with Contrast Creative here.