We work with you to tell thought-provoking stories that capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Contrast Creative is a Perth based creative agency with a focus on video production and photography.

We don’t really like the term videography, because it doesn’t cover the full scope of the work we do.

Sure, we are videographers in the sense that we work with you to capture your event or advertisement – but we are also script writers, planners, designers, producers, editors and much more. Think of us as the newest member of your team with fine aesthetic taste, a good eye for details and a sixth sense about what connects with an audience.

Above all, in every piece of work we create, there has to be a purpose. We won’t rock up to your business and just start shooting, we like to know the in’s and out’s so we can optimise the content to have the best possible impact. If you’re not doing that already, then you’re wasting time (and money!).

So, let’s find out how we can help you.


Contrast Creative offer a full service video production from scheduling and planning through to filming and editing.
When you work with us, you are working with more than a videographer. Our dedicated team work with you to develop stories with impact, that intrigue and inspire.


We engage a professional team of filmmakers and creatives to help us bring your stories to life. During the planning and production process, we work to weave an understanding of brand objectives into everything we do.
We take pride in our work and when you engage our services, we work for you.


We have the ability to supplement your video production with animation, photography, even the use of a drone. We don’t throw these at you to blow your budget, but offer them as devices for telling the best story.
We create more than just great content, we create a way for your brand to stand out.

Are You Ready? Let’s get to work.