Senses Australia Rebrand

With over 120 years experience in the disability services sector, Senses Australia have established an excellent reputation. Due to major industry changes, they underwent a re-brand and Contrast Creative was chosen to cover the event. The brief was to capture candid moments to be placed together in an energetic and feel good video. The purpose of the video was to show internally to staff members who could not make the event.

We feel that we have a knack for capturing those unscripted moments of laughter or sheer emotion. Within the room for this event was hundreds of staff from all areas of the business. They are all incredibly passionate about their work so we knew it was important to capture this feeling within the video.

Upon delivery of the video, we were given some excellent feedback and informed we had ‘exceeded expectations’. The video was received so positively that not only was it used internally for staff but it was also uploaded onto the public social media channels.